Family-Owned Business

Belnano Coffee is a family owned and operated business that offers single origin authentic green and roasted coffee from their farms in Villa Rica, Peru.

About Villa Rica, Peru

Villa Rica is situated in the mountains between the Andes and Amazon at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. This region has great weather and rich soil - the perfect natural environment for growing premium coffee . The community of Villa Rica is committed to environmental conservation and reforestation to maintain the ecological equilibrium and self-sustaining ecosystem. Villa Rica is a paradise in the central forest of Peru.

From Seed To Cup

We take a hand-picked approach when it comes to harvesting, process on-site, and roasted in our facilities in California to provide a premium quality coffee that has delicious flavor, the perfect body, intense aroma, and excellent acidity. Tasting our coffee will transport you to the rainforest of Peru.

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