Quality Control

Belnano Coffee has strict control of the coffee process. The coffee is harvested from April to July. During harvesting, only the red coffee cherries are picked one by one by hand in baskets, collected in large sacks, and transported to the wet-process processing plant.

After the ripe cherries are picked up, the pulp of the cherries is removed. This process must be done as soon as possible to prevent fermentation or decomposition of the bean due to the pulp's sugar.

In the plant, the ripe cherries are put in tanks with water, where the pulping machine separates the pulp and the skin. At the same time, the coffee beans go through a process of size selection by weight. The coffee beans go through the water channels where the lighter beans float to the top, and the heavier beans sink to the bottom.

Then the coffee beans are transferred to filled-water tanks to start the process of fermentation. The coffee beans remain in the tank for about 24 hours. After the fermentation, the coffee beans are washed with clean water.

It then goes to a dry process where the bean becomes a parchment (pergamino) and store in large bags. The parchment beans are processed to remove the first skin and become a green coffee. This process is done before export or roasted to customer specifications.

The coffee is cultivated in perfect warm weather and under eucalyptol shade, which is a technique ideal for the coffee flavor. The mix of various coffee plants such as Caturra, Catimor, Gran Colombia, Pache, Bourbon, Catuai, Geisha, and Arabica compensate for each other, giving the fine flavor and the perfect body, aroma, and excellent acidity of the coffee beans. The variety of the plants provide the genuine coffee flavor of Villa Rica, winning the best coffee of origin.

The coffee is produced in a friendly environment where people from Villa Rica are committed to environmental conservation and reforestation to maintain the ecological equilibrium and self-sustain ecosystem. Villa Rica is a paradise in the central forest of Peru.

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